The Advisor Mentorship Podcast has reached a new milestone! 50 Episodes!

Milestone episodes deserve milestone guests, which is why this week, Jeremy Houser welcomes Rob Harvey, CFA, Co-Head of Product Specialists and Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors.

In this special episode, Jeremy and Rob sit together to chat about the work being done at Dimensional for their clients, as well as the importance of long-term thinking and consistency in investment strategies. Additionally, Rob explains Dimensional’s positioning in the fixed income space, the potential for higher yields in markets outside the US, and the importance of data driven decision making.

Rob discusses:

  • His background and role at Dimensional
  • The significance of advisors and asset managers aligning their long-term investment strategies
  • The importance of positioning in the fixed income space based on yield curve movements and the need for active management
  • Global fixed income opportunities
  • How Dimensional’s approach to index construction relies on the insights of leading academics
  • The importance of having a complete understanding of volatility and how it can help capture more returns in asset classes
  • The movie “Tune Out the Noise” and its focus on the foundation and origins of Dimensional
  • And more!