We all know that the insurance industry is facing challenges in the current market environment, but what are the solutions, and what does the future look like?

In this episode, Jeremy Houser speaks with Mitch Anderson, the VP/ Senior Relationship Manager at Athene USA. Mitch talks about Athene’s growth within the annuities space and their portfolio of volatility-controlled indexes. Additionally, Mitch shares the firm’s mission to continue providing innovative product solutions to their clients.

Mitch discusses:

  • What you should know about Athene’s partnership with InsurMark
  • The awards that Athene won in 2022
  • The importance of volatility control indices and ways the firm selects their index partners
  • Some of the challenges Athene faced in scaling up their business and how they overcame them
  • Athene’s Roth conversion program
  • The value of educating clients on the differences between banks and insurance companies
  • What the future holds for the company
  • The importance of fixed index annuities in volatile markets and the benefits they offer for clients in drawdown situations
  • And more!