There are new ways to help yourself stand out in the growing landscape of financial advisors.

Uncover the secrets with Jeremy Houser, Vice President of InsurMark, in a captivating episode of the Advisor Mentorship Podcast. He explores the essential strategies for advisors to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. Jeremy emphasizes enhancing performance, fostering sustainable business models, and achieving a satisfying work-life balance.

Key Highlights:

  • Challenges and Growth in 2023: Jeremy discusses InsurMark’s significant growth alongside his personal challenges, such as balancing a growing family with increased work commitments
  • Focusing on Control and Importance: He shares valuable lessons from 2023, focusing on the importance of directing efforts towards controllable aspects for both personal and professional advancement
  • Goals for 2024: With an aim for enhanced consistency and efficiency, Jeremy plans to improve services for advisors while ensuring quality family time
  • Leveraging Digital Media: The importance of digital platforms, like YouTube and social media, in standing out in the insurance industry
  • Podcast Evolution: Reflecting on the podcast’s growth, Jeremy discusses its role in demonstrating effective digital media marketing strategies
  • Gratitude and Community Building: Jeremy expresses gratitude towards his team and advisors at InsurMark, celebrating their collective achievements and the community they’ve built
  • And much more!