As this year comes to a close, Jeremy Houser is checking in with his team at InsurMark to celebrate their wins and hear from them.

An important part of Jeremy’s team process (that gets them closer as a company) is to review and share the goals and resolutions they have set for themselves going into the new year.

And that’s exactly what this week’s episode is all about. Jeremy chats with Felicia Turner, Dave Ray, Binh Nguyen, and Maria Thibodeaux as they reveal how they want to elevate their business in the new year, as well as the processes that have led the team to succeed in 2022.

The team discusses:

  • Some personal resolutions for 2023 and how they want to go about achieving them
  • Big 2022 wins and their approach to keeping the momentum going into the new year
  • Some important processes that have elevated their business this year
  • Future company projections moving into the new year
  • And more!