As the third quarter numbers are being finalized, we are excited to announce that Jeremy’s team has already surpassed 2021’s numbers, even with one final quarter left.

In this episode, Jeremy Houser speaks with Tim Whisler CRPC®, CLTC® President and Founder of The Whisler Agency. After their annual advisor family reunion trip to Cabo, the advisors at InsurMark left feeling well-equipped and confident in the work that they are doing through engaging with other professionals in the industry. So, get ready to listen to Tim unveil some common business wins he has to share with Jeremy.

Tim discusses:

  • Key business nuggets he has gained from talking with other advisors during his  time in Cabo
  • Ways Tim has been able to double his business in a one-year timeframe
  • Advice for advisors looking to connect with prospects online to see results
  • Reasons consistency is key
  • The power of ‘writing things down’
  • Podcasts and how they work as a tool to expand your network and build credibility
  • Why he chose to work with InsurMark
  • And more!