How are AMP advisors thriving in today’s market?

Join us on an impactful journey with Jeremy Houser, Vice President of InsurMark, as he shares some secrets of Advisor Mentorship Program (AMP). Launched in 2018, AMP has united financial advisors across the U.S. into a thriving community. This episode dives into how AMP reshapes advisors from traditional product sellers to forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

Key Points to Spark Your Curiosity:

  • Learn how AMP advisors are integrating financial technology to enhance their strategies
  • Discover the importance of personal relationships and family support in professional success within AMP
  • Understand the significant influence of your closest connections on both personal and professional growth
  • Find out how AMP advisors set meaningful goals that transcend mere numbers
  • Explore the strategic decisions top advisors are making for future success
  • Get inspired by a potent planning strategy that focuses on what’s truly important
  • Learn about the advantages of early business planning and its impact
  • And much more!