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Episode 52: Advisor Mentorship Program: The Evolution of AMP

Join us on an impactful journey with Jeremy Houser, Vice President of InsurMark, as he shares some secrets of Advisor Mentorship Program (AMP). Launched in 2018, AMP has united financial advisors across the U.S. into a thriving community. This episode dives into how AMP reshapes advisors from traditional product sellers to forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

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Episode 51: How To 10X Your Success

Join the conversation with Jeremy Houser as he digs into this intriguing concept in this episode of the Advisor Mentorship Podcast. This episode goes beyond typical financial advisory talks, diving into groundbreaking strategies that are reshaping how advisors achieve success and maintain balance in today’s ever-changing world.

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Episode 49: Ascent to Greatness

In this episode, Jeremy Houser, Vice President at InsurMark discusses the growth potential of the fixed index annuity industry, and the importance of mindset and confidence in achieving success. He shares personal experiences and emphasizes the need to find your unique superpower and have the right team in place.

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Episode 48: Unleashing the Power of InsurMark: Processes Helping Advisors Win Business!

With the expansion of InsurMark within the Simplicity family and the transition of leadership from Steve Kerns to Jeff Maxey, there have been a number of changes happening to our team that have expanded our insights and learning practices. In this episode, Jeremy Houser details the progression of InsurMark up to date including key financial advice from Shaquille O’Neil that everyone should keep in mind.

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Episode 47: Why Entrepreneurs Want Simplicity with Bruce Donaldson

In this episode, Jeremy Houser is joined by Bruce Donaldson, CEO and President of Simplicity Group. They discuss the importance of advisors, creating a positive work culture, differentiating themselves, and achieving work-life balance. Donaldson shares his personal experience with retirement planning and how it inspired him to create a company that better serves its clients.

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Episode 44: There Is No “I” In Team with Felicia Turner

In this episode of the Advisor Mentorship Podcast, Jeremy Houser is joined by InsurMark’s very own case manager, Felicia Turner. Together they discuss the evolution of the company over the past decade while Felicia emphasizes the importance of completing product training, maintaining a balanced team, and being licensed before writing new business.

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Episode 42: Systems Work People Fail 2.0 – Next Steps To Scale Your Business

In this episode, Jeremy Houser unpacks the details of the Systems Work People Fail 2.0 Webinar. Listen in as Jeremy details what are some of the resources advisors are using to achieve success in the fixed index annuities arena while differentiating themselves within their industry.

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