To shift from taking orders to creating a solution process as a financial advisor means you need to change your approach at work.

In this episode, Jeremy Houser talks with Chad Owen, annuity sales coach and founder of Retirement Realized Agents Academy (also known as InsurMark Sales Success Academy). They discuss how his mentorship program can improve an advisor’s annual annuity average, the critical habit changes that allow you to improve, and how you can effectively leverage marketers to grow your business.

Chad Owen discusses:

  • Secrets that have helped him write over $220 Million of FIA business in his career
  • Why his mentorship program is important for financial professionals and the succession of their business and peers
  • How to become a $5 Million, $10 Million, $20 Million dollar FIA producer
  • How to improve your key metrics through effective education and industry awareness
  • The number one thing to do as an advisor is to provide a solution and gain confidence from your clients
  • What you should expect from your marketer to assist and grow your business
  • And more