To grow your advisory business, you may actually need to do less, not more.

That may sound backwards, but productivity and growth is all about having the right systems and processes in place to save yourself and your team from spending time on busy work and tedious tasks.

Join Jeremy Houser, Vice President of InsurMark, as Jason Jenkins, Simplicity’s Executive Vice President of Sales shares insights from his vast experience, including giving Ted Talks, selling his practice, and coaching thousands of advisors over the past 10 years. Follow along to learn how to harness technology, build a defined process, and adopt strategies that can drive exponential growth for your advisory practice.

Jeremy and Jason discuss:

  • How AI and modern technology can streamline your workload
  • The importance of a well-defined business process and how it contributes to your practice’s scalability and saleability
  • Key attributes that top advisors possess and how to cultivate them in your practice
  • How Simplicity’s platforms and resources can help meet your unique business needs and growth ambitions
  • The art of human connection
  • And more