Building a business is tough, but leaving it can be even tougher.

In this installment of the Advisor Mentorship Podcast, Jeremy Houser sits down with the distinguished Colleen Bowler, CFP®, who has not only successfully navigated the complexities of building a robust planning firm, Strategic Wealth Planners, but has also championed a seamless succession transition. Throughout her illustrious career, Colleen has accumulated a wealth of accolades as a strategic coach. Listen as she shares insights into achieving a harmonious work-life balance, empowering others to reach their full potential, and how to strengthen client relations.

Colleen and Jeremy discuss: 

  • The significance of transitioning from an ‘I’ to ‘We’ mindset when building an advisory firm
  • Practical strategies for effective succession planning and continuity
  • The role of mindset and habits in personal and professional growth for advisors
  • Insights into leveraging different assessments to deepen client relationships and uncover needs beyond the financial
  • Colleen’s life post-succession
  • And more