New innovations are making life insurance more accessible!

Join us for this episode of The Advisor Mentorship Podcast’, where InsurMark Vice President Jeremy Houser welcomes back Jeremy Bickler from NIW, part of the Simplicity Family. Together they dive into challenges and celebrate successes, particularly spotlighting NIW’s innovative Kaizen life insurance plan.

Key Highlights:

  • Discover how federal rate hikes and AG 49 regulations are transforming the insurance industry
  • Learn about the triumph of the Kaizen plan, which excels despite challenges, thanks to technological advancements and extended partnerships
  • Find out about the innovative monthly payment feature for life insurance, designed to assist budget-conscious clients and perfectly suited for executive bonuses
  • Explore the digital revolution in insurance, highlighting the move towards online, paperless client enrollment processes
  • Understand how services are customized for diverse clientele, from medium-sized businesses to large corporations, especially in executive bonus scenarios
  • And much more!