Is your financial advisory strategy future-proof?

Discover innovative strategies in financial advising with insights from Jeremy Houser, AMP host and Vice President of InsurMark, as he engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Tom Haines, EVP of Capital Markets & Index Solution at Annexus. With a background that includes a significant tenure at UBS in New York City, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, particularly in index annuities and selecting indexes.

Key Highlights:

  • The secrets of Annexus’s index selection, where academic insights meet Wall Street ingenuity to revolutionize investing
  • How innovative design and strategic diversification are transforming retirement planning, challenging conventional market trends
  • Peek into Annexus’s journey to the top, uncovering the visionary strategies that set their products apart
  • How Annexus masterfully balances steadfast processes with dynamic market changes to redefine success standards
  • Witness how Annexus stays ahead by harnessing wisdom from academic giants, carving a niche in the competitive financial arena
  • Gain insights into the evolving bond market and the rising potential of Fixed Index Annuities as we enter 2024
  • Enter a groundbreaking phase of financial advising, focusing on the strategic integration of Fixed Index Annuities for robust portfolio management
  • And much more!